The Worst Photography Advice I Keep Hearing – Fstoppers

The Worst Photography Advice I Keep Hearing – Fstoppers

The photography profession at times can be somewhat outdated in its approach, standards, and business practices. Over the years, I continually hear certain bits of bad advice, so let’s look a bit deeper into these.

Photography is changing. It always has been. It’s a very modern art form and still in its infancy compared to many others. It is one of the most exciting parts of the medium. The business side of it is also constantly evolving. Influencers often make more money commercially for a photograph than a “pure” or “traditional” photographer could, businesses are run with multiple income streams since the big financial crash, and now, thanks to COVID-19, many are running an incredibly lean company with most gear for productions rented in rather than owned.

Having been around in the industry for what I feel like a medium amount of time (15 years pro), there are some bits of advice that are regularly thrown out there that are either simply wrong, misinformed, or just don’t work with modern photography business models. I personally like to think of myself as a pretty traditional photographer. I work commercially under a London-based agent, and we shoot predominantly for print media out of home, but with an increasing emphasis on mixed media usage. I also feel that with the world the way it is and the internet being the great resource that it can be that a very traditional approach to the photographic business is probably long past its best. 

In this video, I go over the pieces of advice that I hear most often that rub me up the wrong way.

Hopefully, you can all add a few to the list below for others to avoid.